October 30, 2021

Seattle is a hotbed of real estate agents.

But, many are reluctant to speak up, and a new study reveals some problems for those seeking to find the best real estate in the city.

According to the survey, by real estate website RealtyTrac, just 38% of Seattle realtors and salespeople surveyed said they’ve seen a significant increase in their clients asking for recommendations.

And more than half (53%) said they’re not seeing a significant uptick in their referrals.

And that’s just the first survey to be conducted since the Seattle Times reported on the findings earlier this month.

In a separate report, the newspaper said that in the past year, more than $3.7 million in requests for recommendations from Seattle realtor and salesperson were submitted to Realty Trac.

According the Seattle Examiner, Realty TRAC found that in recent months, the city has seen an influx of prospective buyers seeking help with housing prices, but the number of agents willing to provide that help has been falling.

The Examiner also reported that RealtyTRAC found a decrease in referrals from the Seattle area to other states, citing the fact that more agents in the Seattle region said they wouldn’t recommend a prospective home buyer in Washington state.

The study also found that, of those who responded, the number who are more likely to offer recommendations has increased from 5% in June 2016 to 13% in August 2017.

That number is expected to continue to grow in 2018.

So, if you’re looking to make a real estate purchase, and you want a realtor who’s willing to help you, then here’s what you need to know.

How to get startedFinding a good realtor is tough.

Many are hesitant to speak out, and the new survey by Realtytrac reveals some of the problems.

“The vast majority of Seattle agents and salespersons surveyed believe the current market environment has negatively impacted the market and that the market needs to change,” the Realtytrax survey reads.

“This is despite the fact Seattle has one of the highest median home prices in the country and one of just three metropolitan areas that have seen the largest number of home sales since 2000.”

Real estate agents and agents who work for a real-estate company in Seattle often are hesitant and uncomfortable sharing their views on the state of the market, and are often afraid to speak to prospective buyers.

“The survey also found the realtor industry in the region is under pressure from both outside forces and a lack of trust in the local real estate community.”

It is common for agents to be hesitant to share their opinions about potential buyers or their current market situation, and many agents believe that they can make a living and are more comfortable giving recommendations to their peers than their own clients,” the survey reads, adding that agents and realtours also feel that the current state of real-world events has affected their work and business.”

Some agents are also afraid to take on the role of an agent in the first place, fearing that it will negatively impact their reputation or cause them to be demoted or fired from their position,” the study concludes.”

A number of local real-life stories and anecdotes from Seattle’s real-tour industry have come to the fore in recent years, highlighting the challenges agents and buyers face trying to navigate the market.

For example, in October 2018, a young Seattle real-tor called in to a local radio show to discuss the housing crisis, telling host Lisa Kranz that agents were working on getting homes ready for buyers and that they had heard a lot of complaints about agents working with people with mental health issues.

“One agent said that her boss told her she should ‘get out of the business,'” the report reads.

Realtor complaints are not new.

In 2015, the Washington Post reported on a study that found a shortage of agents.

And in February 2018, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported on another survey that found real estate agencies are under pressure.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Realtor and Seattle realty consultant Andrew Johnson said the Seattle realestate market is now experiencing the worst shortage of realtorship agents in decades.

“People are getting discouraged because they’re seeing it,” Johnson said.

“They’re feeling like there’s no way to get better.”

Johnson said the realtour community in Seattle is feeling the same.

“We’re in a real mess,” he said.

Johnson said he believes the crisis is coming from within the real estate industry.

“You’ve got these really good agents, and they’re just not going to get any more referrals,” he added.

“And they’re doing it because they don’t like being a part of the problem.

They’re getting so tired of it, they’re quitting.”

Realtytrax.com is the real-ty research website, and it’s designed to provide an objective source of information about real estate markets in Seattle and beyond.

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