October 12, 2021

Real estate prices have been rising rapidly over the past year, but according to real estate website Realestate.com, the price of Naples’ finest home may be higher than its best property, a two-story home in the city of Cagliari that is estimated to sell for $13 million.

The two-bedroom, one-bath home is on the south side of the Caglia River, overlooking the sea and the surrounding city, and features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and three baths.

Located near the historic city center, the house features a pool, a fitness center, and an outdoor patio.

The home is located in a community of roughly 6,000 people.

The house is a five-bedroom residence, with a floor plan that includes a master suite, a garage, and two bedrooms.

The second floor features a separate, three-bedroom basement.

The residence also includes a full kitchen, dining room, and living area.

The property is located on a 1.8-acre site, and the owner of the property told Newsweek that the property is being offered as a two or three-family home.

It is not known how many homes are available for sale, but the listing has been available for some time.

A representative for the Naples-area real estate company told Newsweek, “We can confirm that it is a two bedroom, one bath property with a 4,400 square foot home that is available as a single family home.”

It is unclear how much the property will sell for, but Naples is known for high house prices, with the median price of a home in Naples currently sitting at $2.7 million.

Real estate experts are divided on which property to purchase, but some are convinced that the price is a fair comparison.

“I am really interested in seeing a house in Naples,” said Chris Waugh, a real estate agent in Florida who specializes in real estate for clients in Florida.

“The neighborhood in Naples is really beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with a house to get the most bang for your buck.

It’s more about a location, and a lot of that comes down to price,” he said.

“In Naples, if you want to buy a two-, three-, or four-bedroom home, I would definitely consider this.”

According to the listing, the owner is planning to move in in October, and has already completed the renovations on the home.

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