September 21, 2021

The Lad’s guide to real estate photography.

Real estate photographer Brian Weicherts’ recent article about headshots has made waves on real estate websites and on Twitter, with many people wondering about the best way to shoot headshots.

Weichers article was written after he was featured in a viral video of a person in a white t-shirt posing with his head in his hands.

The video has since been viewed more than 10 million times.

He explained that he decided to write a guide to headshot photography, and it has since gained popularity among the general public.

Weics article contains the following tips.


Do not shoot from the back of a vehicle.

If you are not sure what your camera is doing when it captures a photo, don’t do it.

The photographer will get a lot of backlash for shooting from the side of a car.


Shoot from a distance.

It is easier to get a good shot of the head from a few feet away.


Shoot in daylight.

You want the person in the white shirt to be in a dark room with no light sources.

It can be difficult to get good lighting with a flash.


Don’t be afraid to use flash, but do not do so in a crowded space.

You will get much more exposure than with a tripod.


Shoot the face.

If the person is smiling, it is easiest to do this.


If a person is laughing, it can be easier to do that.


Be careful not to get caught in the middle of the shot.


Shoot at night.


Avoid using flash at night, especially in the street.


Avoid lighting too close to the person.


If your subject is wearing a mask, make sure it is not too close.


Don the mask before you put the camera in frame.


If using a tripod, it’s better to put it on the tripod itself.


Use a tripod when possible, because it is easier for the photographer to hold a camera steady during the take.


When using a flash, be sure that you don’t overshoot your subject.


You should avoid putting flash in a brightly lit room.


Don´t flash your subjects without lighting the room, because the flash will distract them.


Don`t flash in dark areas because you can’t see them.


Don’t use flash too close or too far.


When taking a photo of a dog, it´s better to wear a hat and not a mask.


Don�t put a camera under your arm and don’t wear gloves.


Don t take photos of cats without lighting their fur.


If possible, take photos without a flash on your camera.


When photographing a cat, it`s best to use a tripod or a flash for most of the shots.


Don eveything you can do to avoid getting a headshot.

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