September 11, 2021

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

You’re not the only one who’s made a huge mistake buying a Kentucky home.

Here are some other real estate deals you should know about.1.

I bought my home for $9,000 a year ago.

That’s a lot of money for a 2-bedroom apartment in a rural area of Kentucky.

But the price is only a fraction of the real estate market.2.

I was told my property was sold for $6,000.

The real estate agent was able to convince me that I paid $1.2 million for the property, which I wasn’t paying.3.

I’m a buyer of the year for three of my properties.

I purchased three properties for a total of $30,000 and now have to pay $1 million for each.4.

I can buy a new home for less than $2 million and still have a mortgage.5.

I paid more than $5,000 for my home and still owe more than I paid.6.

I sold my house for $4.2 Million but now I’m on the hook for more than the house was worth.7.

I have a bad credit rating because I’m not an outstanding student.8.

I got an “incorrect” mortgage payment.

That means my bank has written down my principal and interest payments.9.

I had to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight my loan officer because my house was purchased with a loan that I was never approved for.10.

I am currently living in a trailer park and can’t afford a mortgage payment because my mortgage payments are more than twice the monthly income.

I’ve paid off all of my debt and have enough savings to pay for a new house.11.

I don’t have a place to live because my property has become too expensive.

I now live in a mobile home park and cannot afford to buy a house.12.

I owe thousands of extra dollars for the upkeep of my mobile home.

My mobile home is in need of repair.13.

My son is in the military.

He’s stationed at Ft.

Bragg, NC, and has to live out of his car because his house has grown so much.

He pays $20,000 to the military for each month he stays in the mobile home and $3,000 each month for the rent.14.

My mortgage is too expensive for me.

The value of my house has gone down and the mortgage is now worth $3 million.

I need to sell the house because I don

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