September 4, 2021

In the aftermath of the massive data breach at the home warranty business, Coldwell has taken steps to reduce the impact on customers.

Coldwell CEO and co-founder Paul Zalewski says that while the company is committed to working with its customers to ensure the quality of their home warranty, the company can’t ignore that fact. 

“We have a commitment to do what we can to help mitigate the impact and the impacts,” Zalewski said in an interview with Ars. 

However, ColdWell’s home warranty policy is not entirely in line with the policies of other companies in the industry.

Zalewkski says that because Coldwell doesn’t provide a physical copy of the warranty, it’s possible that some of the companies warranties are not properly documented. 

In a recent interview, Zalwyski said that, when it comes to warranty policies, “it’s about consistency and transparency and understanding what customers need.” 

In addition to making this commitment, Zadwski said Coldwell is working to better document warranties, particularly when it’s something as basic as a “certificate of title,” which he says is important for home insurance policies. 

As far as the company’s actual warranty policies go, Zaldewksi said that the company has “a lot of policies and documentation” on file, but that there are no hard and fast guidelines. 

For example, Coldwin has a policy for warranty repairs for items like damage to furniture and appliances, which are covered under its standard policy.

Zaldwysk said that Coldwell does not have any specific policies regarding its warranties. 

Zalwewski also said that although Coldwell takes steps to prevent unauthorized repairs, there are some things the company does not allow. 

Specifically, Zalfwski explained that the warranty policies for appliances that are not fully covered by warranty, such as a furnace, are not covered by the warranty.

Zalfwyskski added that it’s not uncommon for a company to make a warranty repair to cover some of its warranty, but the company would not disclose exactly how many times this has happened. 

According to Zaldwski, there is also a limited warranty for “tangible items,” which are items like appliances and other items. 

 According Zalfewski, “we have policies in place for these items, and they’re not covered.” 

“I’ve had some customers tell me that they have had the items replaced and then the warranty is not covered,” Zaldwinksi continued. 

While the company claims to be doing everything it can to mitigate the potential impact of the data breach, Zalowski admitted that the data breaches are “a problem” and said that he’s encouraged by the company working to fix them. 

Coldwell has also created a “no warranty” policy, which means that the only warranty the company offers customers is a “Certificate of Title,” which is not listed on any of its home warranty policies.

In addition, Zalewski stated that the firm has not yet updated its policies to clarify that the same warranty for a home warranty can apply to any appliance, regardless of the type of appliance it is. 

With that in mind, Zallewks says that it is “extremely hopeful” that the home warranties at Coldwell are going to be improved in the future. 

“[The company’s] focus is on providing the best customer experience possible, but they are going into this as a customer and a customer of the company, so we’re really hopeful they’re going to do a better job,” Zallewski added. 

[Thanks, Steve!]

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