August 4, 2021

TENNESSEE — The best real estate for millennials is Tennessee realtor Brad Stutzman, whose firm has been around for 30 years.

He told me the average home sale price in Tennessee has been $250,000 for a median-priced home in 2016, which is well above the national average of $184,000.

Stutzmann says millennials are attracted to affordable properties in the state because of its diverse market, and the lower cost of real estate.

Millennials, in particular, are finding that homes in Tennessee have the same amenities and amenities that older generations had.

For example, Stutzmans main tenants are millennials who want a more relaxed lifestyle and a spacious living space, plus access to outdoor activities and sports, he said.

Stroup says he’s seen more millennials in Tennessee than millennials in any other state.

The real estate market is very diverse in Tennessee, and millennials have been able to walk into a house they might have thought was too big for them, he told me.

St.utzman said he’s also seen a shift among millennials toward smaller, more family-friendly properties, and that’s an attractive trend for his firm.

Stutzman’s firm has a list of 20 properties for sale in Tennessee and Tennessee Real Estate Association says they sell for $1.1 million.

That’s less than the average listing price in all the states we looked at, but the prices are among the highest in the country, according to the real estate association.

Stitzman said many millennials aren’t buying properties that they thought were too large or too small, so he recommends that they try out smaller, walk-up homes, where they can take advantage of amenities like a backyard or patio, which are more conducive to the lifestyle.

In the future, Stutzman said, he’s hopeful that millennials will be more interested in the smaller homes, as well.

“As I see more millennials coming to Nashville, I’m hoping we will be able to sell them the properties that are less and less of the norm,” he said, “so that we can attract millennials to the city that we love.”

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