July 24, 2021

Chico, California – In the days since Chico City Council approved a $5.4 million plan to build what could be the tallest condo in the country, a developer is looking to raise a lot of money.

Chico realtor Mike Wojcik says his firm is looking for a $25 million donation to build the $400 million, 18-story, six-bedroom condo.

He says the money will be used to build out the condos and lobby areas, adding that the project will bring a new class of luxury condo dwellers to Chico.

The new building would be built on Chico’s main boulevard and will be the largest condominium development in California’s history.

Wojcis is a well-known name in California real estate circles and he says his team is trying to create a luxury project for the people of Chico and beyond.

Wajcik has been helping Chico residents in a variety of ways, including building affordable housing, providing education and helping them get permits.

But the Chico condo project has garnered the most attention, he says.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for us,” he said.

“It’s going to give people a new place to live, and we’re going to have more people coming in.”

The project’s goal is to create about 400 apartments, with each condo serving between 20 and 40 people, and a total of 6,000 square feet of retail space, Wojcs says.

The project will also include offices for Chico city employees, which could potentially attract tech and media companies.

He notes that the condos are not designed for people with high incomes, though Wojczis says he expects the condos to be affordable.

He hopes that the condo development will generate more money for Chino.

Wojciks condo project is located in a residential neighborhood, but it would be the first in the state to feature condos for sale for the highest prices in the area, according to Wojocic.

The development would be called The City of Chino and the condo project will be called Chico Village.

Wozcis says Chico is a popular tourist destination and the condos will attract a new wave of people to Chino that he says would bring jobs and economic development to Chicanos neighborhoods.

He predicts that Chico would be able to attract even more people if the condo developer was able to secure permits for the new development.

Chico is about an hour and a half drive from San Francisco, but the city of Chisco does not have a lot in terms of affordable housing.

Womack says that if the project goes forward, Chico could be one of the most affordable cities in California.

Woe, then, if Chico loses the condo market to San Francisco.

To contact the reporter for this story: David A. Pinto in Chico or Amy E. Breslow in San Francisco can be reached at [email protected]

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