June 17, 2021

Real estate prices in Wisconsin have jumped about 50% since January, according to a new Real Estate Investor report.

In 2016, the median home price was $175,600, and median price for detached homes was $202,300.

The report said that in 2017, median home prices have risen by 50% in Milwaukee and by 47% in Waukesha, with a total of $631 million in price increases in Wisconsin.

The median price of a home in Wisconsin is now $278,400.

In Waukegan, the market is even higher at $325,000.

The average price of an average home in the metro area is $1.4 million.

The market for detached houses in the area has increased by $3,300, with the median price increasing by $2,200.

Waukeshawn home prices are up 33% since last year.

The highest prices have been in the suburbs of Milwaukee and Wauley, which saw prices increase by nearly 10% in the last two years.

In the city of Waupun, the average price has jumped by more than 20% since the last report.

The city’s median price was just over $250,000 in 2016.

The high price increases have been caused by two factors: the recent influx of new home construction, and the surge in the number of single-family homes.

The numbers also show that Waukeston’s median home sale price has increased about 5% since 2016, from $179,000 to $190,000, and its median price is now just under $250.

Wisconsin’s median house price is currently about $2.3 million, the report said.

The report said the market has been particularly volatile, with home sales surging in January and February, but dropping again by March and April.

The increase in February was largely due to a shortage of homes.

A month later, the numbers started to stabilize.

A similar pattern is occurring in Wausau.

According to the report, the number, average price and median sale price for homes in Waunefeld are up about 13% since March.

The prices in the state are also up about 2% since December.

In Wauppau, home sales are up by about 4% since October, and average price is up by a similar amount.

A new report released Tuesday by the real estate research firm Equilar found that median prices for properties in the Milwaukee metropolitan area are up 13% from last year and have increased by 5% from February.

The Milwaukee area is now the most expensive market in the country for buyers with a median price above $1 million, according the report.

While the market for houses in Wampum and Madison has grown in recent years, there are still pockets of a bubble in the region, the study said. 

The median price in Waverly, a suburb of Milwaukee, jumped from $150,000 last year to $210,000 this year, while in Waukee, a new subdivision of the city, the home price has risen by over 17%.

The median sale prices for Milwaukee and Madison have jumped by about 20% and 17%, respectively, from last month.

The homes are more affordable in the new subdivision, the new report found.

Home sales in Wixom, a subdivision in Wauconda, are up 9% since February, while the median sale for homes on the market in Wicomico has risen 13% over the same period.

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, the prices for single-detached homes have jumped 7% since April, while detached homes have increased 16%.

In the Waupaca area, where the median house sale price is around $350,000 now, the area’s median sale value is up 19% over last year, and prices for homes have grown by nearly 14%.

Wacom, which has a population of about 8.5 million, is also experiencing a bubble, the realtor said.

The Waupacoma area, which includes Wausaus, and other parts of Wausana, is experiencing the highest sales of any area in the county, according Equilar.

Realtor Daniel Buehler told local media that there is no shortage of buyers in Wacom and other areas.

He said there is a glut of demand for homes, and they are not moving to the suburbs.

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