June 16, 2021

New Orleans, La.

— As the New Orleans Saints prepare to kick off the 2017 season, the first thing they need to do is figure out what to do with the one-bedroom apartment they’re building.

A year ago, the team was on the brink of a deal to sell the three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit at 2031 St. Charles Avenue.

They needed an additional $10,000, and they couldn’t find an apartment that would be within walking distance of the team’s training complex, according to a source.

A team spokesman declined to comment on the latest deal, but he did say the team plans to build more than one apartment, so they won’t be stuck in a rental market that’s long since dried up.

When the Saints started the 2017 preseason, the club announced that the team had sold its two-bedroom unit to a company called The Villages for $6.3 million.

The team said it wanted to sell it to someone who wanted to build a bigger home, so the team offered to let the Villages build it for $10.5 million.

But the deal fell through, and the team has yet to find a buyer.

In addition to the three bedrooms, the house also includes a kitchenette, two bedrooms, a living room, an entryway and a storage unit.

The team also planned to have a second-story guesthouse on the property.

The Villages, a real estate development company, said it planned to sell both of the properties for about $10 a square foot, but the team could sell it for more.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that the Villagers will receive about $1.5m in incentives.

That’s about half of what the Saints will get in a sale of the unit, which the Saints have leased since 2015.

The Saints, however, are not the only team to make a move to build apartments in the city’s historically black neighborhoods.

The Rams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars have all built apartments in predominantly black areas, including areas like St. Paul, St. Augustine and Northside.

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